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Yin Yoga Cards

Yin Yoga Cards

Yin Yoga Cards

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Your personal pocket size yoga instructor

The daily random mix of yin yoga positions intuitively picked by you is the best way to build exercise into your daily routine. We believe that on that given day you need those positions that you picked.
This deck of cards will be your personal pocket size yin yoga instructor, that you can take with you wherever you go.
Yin yoga practice will never be boring, as you will discover new yoga sequences every day.

When you are not so lucky to have some precious ‘me time’, it is not a problem. Because you can practice with your kids too. They will find it fun to do. And we guarantee, as we tested it ourselves with our kids.

If you are new to yin yoga, we recommend that you take some classes with a certified Yin Yoga teacher. (S)He can adjust the positions to your body so as to avoid any injuries due to not respecting your limits.

This 'Golden' edition is printed on Paperwise: sustainable paper produced from agricultural waste. Full colour print with extra golden ink.

How does it work?

Set the time
Decide how much time you want to spend on your practice today and set your timer. Also decide how many poses you want to practice (how many cards you are going to pick).

Tune in with yourself
Take a comfortable seat and focus on your breathing. Be open and receptive to what your body wants to tell you.

Pick your cards
Shuffle the cards. Intuitively pick the number of cards you decided earlier. Start your practice. 

Practice the poses in your pace and time. In between every two poses spend at least one minute in neutral position.

Alternative ways to use these cards
Of course there are different possibilities to work with these cards. You can use them to work with a theme like a target area, chakras, meridians or elements.

This deck can also help you to prepare or sequence a Yin Yoga class. Or use the cards in a playful way to spend some time practicing yin yoga with your child.

Two editions:

Both versions have the same deck of yin yoga cards, are both printed on Paperwise paper. Only the design of the box is different. The green is printed full colour. The golden edition is printed full colour  with extra golden ink.

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